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To date, Above & Beyond Tax Service, a division of Above & Beyond Financial Services Inc. has prepared individual and business income tax returns for 13 years.  We are looking to expand our boundaries to include all Accounting services, Insurance in multiple states, financial planning, estate and trust planning along with Investments at reasonable rates for individuals and small businesses.


Because we are financial specialist, we stand out from the rest due to our years of experience and level of expertise. We create a warm friendly and caring attitude that puts our clients at ease during their highest time of stress. We pledge to maintain an environment that will cause each client to view us as trusted advisors.


With our depth of expertise, our firm will offer our clients the widest possible range of services including but not limited to: accounting, tax and insurance needs.


Lawanda Robertson, Financial Strategist

Lawanda Gayle Robertson was born in Tuscaloosa, Alabama to two loving parents, who encouraged her to live and explore the world around her.  They also instilled a strong sense of ethics and pushed her to challenge situations that did not meet the strong principles instilled in her.  With the natural revelations that come with self-discovery, Lawanda quickly recognized her inherent leadership skills and enrolled in the National Career College, where she earned her diploma in Business Management.


After completing the management program, Lawanda used the knowledge gained to gain a number of promotions within the One Price Clothing Corporation eventually becoming a general store manager two years after graduating from high school.  This position allowed Lawanda to tap into her adventurous need to grow, and when the prospect of managing an affiliated store located to Atlanta, Georgia arose, Lawanda relocated and lifted her site location to levels that were recognized in her district as well as regionally.  Always dedicated to learning and growth, shortly after moving to Atlanta, Lawanda completed her H&R Block Course Study Program to become a Certified Tax Professional.  Her performance was so exceptional, she rapidly gained a position with an competitive Atlanta tax accounting firm, and was quickly promoted, to eventually become the firm’s Office Manager, as well as its lead Tax Preparer.  While working at with the Firm, Lawanda engaged in practicing ethically when involved with clients and the Internal Revenue Service.  She was often called to handle the communications between clients and the IRS during auditing activities.  Lawanda made sure to consistently provide services that ensured the comfort and satisfaction of each client she came into contact with.  Lawanda’s due diligence and dedication to completing each task set before her, led to constant success when dealing with issues as they arose with the IRS.  Through years of service and dedication to her career, Lawanda gained invaluable experience addressing any and every IRS related issue that may arise.


Naturally gravitating to situations in which she is called to lead, when presented with the opportunity, Lawanda established her own tax accounting firm, Above and Beyond Financial Services, Inc.  Her accounting firm is dedicated to maximizing the financial needs of each of its clients, in relation to the preparation and submission of each tax return.  Lawanda takes the time to ensure that each client’s experience is pleasant, and that the end result of each interaction, is the successful completion and submission of either business or personal tax returns.  If and when any client needs support during and IRS audit, Lawanda ensures client satisfaction, through constant communication, clarification of explanations and support.  In the midst of establishing her own company, Lawanda earned her Associate of Sciences Degree from Brown Mackie College, graduating with exemplary remarks for both her instructors and colleagues.


Lawanda’s tenets are honesty, hard work, dedication and accountability.  She is committed to providing reliable and direct financial services to each of her clients and will continue to strive for excellence in all of her business activities.

Maurice Russell

Office Manager

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